Welcome to Epicguns.net the online gallery for modern gun and airsoft enthusiasts of every kind.

As you probably have figured out already most of the pictures on the website are found on google or other places like it, and i claim no ownership over them.

If you are the original owner of one of the images and wish your details added, or want the image removed, or if you have spottet an error.
Just send me a mail at "bacon @ youmail . dk" no spaces and i will update the site right away, p.s. yes i do love bacon, how did you know?! =)
You are also more then welcome to mail me pictures of your own guns, so i can add them to the gallery, there is only one requirement, your gun must be EPIC!

Only the pictures under "My Collection" are my own and feature airsoft guns that i have build in the past.

 The gallery er still under construction and new functions and pictures are added daily, so if a feature isn't working i'm probably working on it.  

Random images from the gallery

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